May you awake as from a dream

One of the visitor magnets during my exhibition at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2015 in Leipzig: 

Picture-Update: Gothic Portraits with LadyInViolett

New Pictures featuring LadyInViolett in „Gothic Portraits„: More of LadyInViolett @  

Pic Of The Day: Cynara Cynnamon

Pic Of The Day: Cynara More of Cynara @

Pic Of The Day: Jenny

Pic of the Day: Jenny PinUp & Rockabilly

Pic Of The Day; LadyInViolett

Pic of the Day: LadyInViolett: More Pics of LadyInViolett @ Gothic Model Gallery

A Journey To The Stars

A Journey To The Stars

A journey to the stars, in high-resolution. 🙂

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